Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March 16

Thinking about tomorrow being St. Patrick's Day, I told my daughter about when I was in elementary school. I thought it was great to wear green on St. Patrick's Day. Only one boy in our grade was Irish American, but it was fun nonetheless. Problem was, I didn't have much green. I told my daughter that at my school, my classmates loved to pinch students who forgot to wear green on them (did anyone else have this "tradition"?).So I found myself coming up with lame excuses that I had something green on such as, "My underwear have flowers on, and the leaves have green. Right here." That, of course, necessitated revealing some of my underwear, so that started to seem like a bad idea after a few tries. Anyway, not much to tell tonight. I just thought I'd share my childhood goofiness.


  1. I think that some still do the pinching, & try to carry on that 'green' tradition. I used to give out shamrock stickers for those who had no green, or just forgot. We all get to be Irish on one day, at least.

  2. Oh the pinching! Such a big deal that my sons came home and told me the principal had made an all school announcement banning pinching on St P's day. And we had a frantic search for green outerwear at our house last night too!