Sunday, March 20, 2011

March 20

Okay, I've been out of it for a little bit. Still sick and disoriented, but alert enough to read on the computer again. 

But as we are moving this summer, my husband has begun thinning out things for our move as I lie here listening to the rustlings of his sorting. 

Given how many times we have moved, you would think that we would have winnowed down our lot to a reasonable amount. Not true. 

And given that either of us is going to continue teaching K-12 after this move, you'd think we could get rid of the mountains of things we have collected to teach different grades and subjects. Also untrue. 

And if there is anyone who can relate to the amount of stuff that a teacher collects for the sake of future's teachers. 

All of our non-teacher friends seriously doubt that over half of our junk could really be teaching related. And they probably are wondering why it won't be as simple as dumping it with the first second-hand place on Colfax Avenue. I

But in each year we have taught, we have hunted to find just the right thing to use in a unit or to engage a particular student...and every year, the pile would build. It is hard to think of giving away all of it. But, really, what is the use in keeping any of it? 

Now is the step where we have to find the right people to pass things to because that will make it feel okay to give it away. I wish I could just whisk it all off to Goodwill, but each thing needs to be in its right home. 


  1. I do hope you can find places for your stuff to go. It's like you are giving an inheritance to someone. We teachers do use a lot to engage each child. Happy hand-off. MaryHelen

  2. I can understand how hard it must be to hand down your great finds. I worked with a lady who auctioned her stuff after the school year when she retired. She knew that everything would get used in the best way, with students.

  3. Oh Laurel, we will miss you! I hope you'll find a home for all your wonderful things that found a place with you. And-I have missed your writing, glad to see you back! If I can help with anything. . .

  4. Welcome Back!! And oh! the agony! We have just been in our house three and a half years and we are drowning in cool collected stuff that finds its way to us. I'm not complaining, and I'm not trying to prepare for a move, but I do need to come up with better systems - so I can find the thing when I need it without digging! We will miss, miss, miss all three of you!