Sunday, March 6, 2011

March 5

I realize that using the creative part of my brain for “me” is a totally different experience than using it for creating lesson plans and activities. Although my writing is not for my class, nor are my students taking the challenge since I teach beginning level foreign language to K-4, I like trying to do something that is just for me. It gives me insight to the nature of the assignment I would typically give my high school students: just write. I have found that it takes a while to build momentum, to find a topic, to narrow a topic, to edit. These entries are my foray into ‘find a topic’—not ‘edit’ or ‘narrow topic’—but to just imagine or simply to remember. The writing process is like any other learning journey for me: there is a lot of meandering, but interesting side paths appear with a lot of observant meandering. 


  1. So true! For me, writing slices myself has given me some insights into things we sometimes as students to do. I have a friend who writes, and she's said that her experiences as a writer have shifted her teaching of writing.
    Great reflective post!

  2. I am finding that I wake up already thinking about what I might write today. You said 'meandering' & I agree that it's the perfect word. On any given day, many things are wandering through my mind, but I like the point of this time choosing only one. It's so good to experience what our students are going through when they choose too. I'll ask the poetry group tomorrow how they made a commitment to one thing.

  3. Thanks for sharing about your process. I love learning how other writers work.