Sunday, March 6, 2011

March 6

It dawned on me that this commitment to daily writing is something I can tweak for other “applications” with students. While writing every day is worthy (more worthy than I had noticed since I am now doing this every day myself), what I want to try is to have students make an on-going commitment. I have students who require reminders about their behavior way more often than they should. I have students who are not pushing themselves as they might on the final products they turn in. I have students simply do what is asked of them without thinking about how they feel about it or want to engage with the task. And students who do not take risks often. What if they made a commitment to doing something nice each day, unasked for a month? Or worked with/sat near someone they do not think of as a close friend? Or tried to ask a question each period? Tried listening? Tried reading a new genre? Anything, really. But it is the challenge of doing something daily for a longer period than might feel comfortable that might be instructive. And having the time in class to reflect on that, and share. I have learned a little more about myself, too, doing this writing challenge. It seems like an opportunity to learn something about the content, something about the effort, something about oneself. 

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  1. It would make a different connection between you & the students, too, especially if you told them what you were doing. You could then share feelings about the challenge of a daily commitment, when you wanted to just skip it, when you noticed you were getting 'into' the habit, etc. Great to hear the thoughts of applying this to your work.