Thursday, March 10, 2011

March 9

Hmm...there are so many things I still wonder, having read the responses to my question about why we write. I agree with all of the responses, and I think some of it could be compelling to a "non-writer"--or should I say, someone who is not yet convinced of the value of writing.

Everyone's responses were about "communication" or being known. I particularly liked the response by one writer whose family prefer speaking to writing, yet they still value the communication. Perhaps that is the piece that is hard to "fit" with kids who are at different stages on their journey toward better communication in a large societal sense: students may not take it on faith (or care) that strong communication is a skill worth having. However, it does seem that it is a human quality to want to be known (can I generalize that much?). In that sense, a person will try to achieve that through whichever manner is most comfortable, natural, convenient, or familiar. To the extent that teaching writing can link up with a student's perceived most-valuable-way-of-communicating, then writing can take off. (Geez, that was clunky! Apologies.)

It seems that being known is the way to tap in, and that writing is one means of helping share pieces of yourself, of getting to be known.

...On a tangent: how is it possible to be known when class sizes just increased to 45 in California and 60 in parts of Michigan (just to pick on my husband's and my own home states, as I just read in the paper)?


  1. Laurel --
    I love seeing your thinking evolve. Yes, being known is a draw of writing. I also believe part of the power of writing is learning more about yourself. Seeing where you fit into the world and understanding things you didn't understand before writing. Writing, by it's very nature is discovery. And discovery is naturally fun. :)
    Happy writing,

  2. Being known - and some experimenting too. In writing, like acting, you can play with being someone else, even create a whole world! Then, if you don't like it, you can just crumple it up and toss it in the bin.